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House of Neotar ~ Unique & active reading experience

I have read this excerpt several times and each time I leave with a greater appreciation for this writer's style. Knicky weaves words together to create a beautiful and complex tapestry unlike anything I have experienced before. This story is not made for the passive reader, but rather one who is passionate for abstraction and the appropriation of language; one who is prepared to read actively. From the beginning I was transported to the spiral of Nescada, with an interest to learn more about the characters, their struggles, and why it all mattered. The characters all stand as individuals with their own personal dilemmas that contribute to the why of the story, all compelling in their own way. I found that Driana's character recieves the most attention and is the one who becomes the most compelling throughout this excerpt. However the character development seems most important between the three children and how their experiences together in that hostile place will influence the rest of their lives. The plot does change its pace several times, but not without reason; I didn't find that it interrupted the experience . I thoroughly enjoyed House of Neotar and am anxiously waiting for more!

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