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I loved this book! This author understands the characters she is writing about; they are well rounded, fully thought out and real. In the world of DreamRiding anything is possible, When Kyra discovers this talent she has, it opens up a world of friendship - but also of harsh realities. In a world that is so easily viewed in blaack and white, Kyra now sees all the shades between. She sees the effect, but also the cause and together with her friends she needs to work out how to balance the good and bad, how to make the right choices, how to navigate the new world she is discovering.

A totally imploring plot that makes the reader see beyond the superficial. Mangoro uses vivid imagery to portray teenage life - well, life in general - in all its colours; the dark and the light and writes an imploring story that was really hard to put down. A truly great new voice in the YA genre.

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