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Chuck vs The Future

Chuck's script after the ending.

A month after Chuck's and Sarah's encounter by the sea.....

Scene 1

At the house of Chuck

Chuck arouses in his bed aim toward the side where Sarah slept and remembers his encounter with her at Malibú's beach after kissing her.

Chuck looks at Sarah and they smile mutually.
Chuck:- I love you ( he kiss her again).
Chuck: - did the kiss work? ( Sarah laughs ).
Sarah: - no, the magic kiss doesn´t work ( laugh )...... Chuck, give me time. When I saw the project's video Bartowski, it was given an account of that all that you told me was truth, I don´t have doubts about our lov I saw it when seeing me, but he is like if I´m watching another Sarah, I am another Sarah now. Now only I am that spy that does not concern him something else than his work, but also himself than the memories of these last years since I knew you will appear somewhere in my head, I am sure ; But I need time to be alone, to think and I promise you that I will look for you as soon as you have my ideas more clear . I want that you know, that I believe you , and I trust you
Chuck: - Sarah is all right I understand it. ( pause ) Sarah, I want you to know a thing and you don´t forget it: I love you and am I stops that need ok?
Sarah: - I know it, I just need this time , and I promise you that I will call you to deliver you an answer do you be going to wait for me?
Chuck: - all my life, if necessary. ( pause ) - Sarah, consider it well, I can help you to remember, trust me.
Sarah:- ( she smile at him ) give me this time ok?
Chuck:- ( he smile and moved his head ) yes ( do you sigh ) Ok, hour to say good-bye Not?
Sarah:- take care of yourself ...( she go back to smile at him ).
Chuck:- your also, good-bye for now. ( Sarah gets up, she kiss him in the head, and she go away . Chuck remains seated on sand ). ( finish the memory ). Chuck stays in bed demonstrating a face of nostalgy and he gets up ).

When he enter to the bath to brush his teeth he remember when he did it with Sarah, next he begins to get ready the breakfast. At that point they touch the door, Chuck is going to the door, open and be his mom Mary, the general Beckman, Casey and Gertrude ( that she´s pregnant ).
Chuck:( smiles) " What Happened -It brightens to see them but something says me that its presence here is not for having breakfast.
Mary:- Son can we pass?
Chuck:- yeah of course.
( they coming)
Mary:- Chuck, Quin is alive .
Chuck:- What??? How?
Mary:- A time that I give the intersect to you, I decided to continue to investigating threats that they may want to possible news the intersect, carrying out an investigation in the agents' all lists that you stopped included give them Fulcrum, the Ring and Volkoff. It took me to what to go to the morgue to make sure that Quin be dead, but I knew that the ambulance never got to destination.
Chuck:- But Sarah and I saw when he dropping dead, Sarah shot at him in the heart how can he could survive.
At that point Beckman intervenes :
Beckman:- We don´t know it thatswe know that he is alive because he interfered in our system and he filtered this video. ( she give Chuck a dvd and this puts it in the reproducer and Quin's image appears )
Quin:- hello agents, Surprised? ( smile with a sneering smile ). Am I difficult to catch Not? ( pause ) they will ask themselves as I am here recording this good their video because good.......( begin to narrate as it was that he survived ).

Scene 2

They are taking it Quin in the morgue's ambulance after Sarah shoot him. Suddenly he open his eyes with disguise and take unless the staff of the morgue find out that they transfer it, and take a syringe and he get pricked with in the neck.
Next you see the ambulance that stops and we can see it to Quinn dragging along the bodies toward the route's side and still wounded person, you get on the ambulance and he go away .

( end of the story ).

Quinn:- hear out, you know what I want and I will not rest to get it; I want the intersect and youre going to take place to him because I will make fall Cia, and I will leave United States totally undefended. This is lonely a sign of what's fragile that your system for me. Ah I forgot I am not alone, I have a friend that will assist me with this crusade. I hope to see their ready ( you laugh ) Good-Bye!!

( end of the video ).

Chuck:- incredible.
Beckman:- and that is not everything, when Quinn says that he´s not alone is true we believe than he´s accompanied by Daniel Shaw, according to they yielded from the jail. As you will see Chuck, the situation is this, we needed you to return and instruct your team again.
Casey:- Chuck you know who will be necesary.
Chuck:- I know it but Sarah disappeared without leaving trails, she asked me for time and I gave it to her, i don´t know where she is.
Mary:- if somebody knows where to find is her husband son, I am sure that you know where she is.
Chuck:- Ok, let's suppose that we found Sarah, Which is the next step?
Mary:- being done to that Sarah remember .
Chuck:- what for? I don´t understand, besides you know that´s imposible Quin did a great work in her.
Mary:- a Bartowski doesn´t talk in that way, Chuck, the intersect consists in a series of encrypted imagery and information that you can be introduced in the brain contain doesn´t?
Chuck:-yes....but......( pause ) wait, now that i remember that was an idea that it was having with Ellie to do that Sarah remember . That same day that we believed than Quin had died a moment before going for the mission Ellie suggested that we used the intersect to do to remind Sarah, for that reason our idea was to catch Quin, should use calling for it to deactivate the bomb and using the intersect to give back the memories to Sarah, but Sarah shot at Quin and I didn´t have another option that to discharge the intersect on me to deactivate the bomb.
Mary:- then let's construct another intersect.
Chuck:- it´s not easy mum. Only dad can be make it and you know he is....
Mary:- you are Stephen Bartowski's son; If somebody can do it is you.
Chuck:- (he remain silent considering a brief moment ) He Can Be, it´s worth the while to attempt it. But I am going to need Ellie's help, I will be able to know a lot about functionings of computers but of as that can affect a human being download a software in the brain just only Ellie can do it.
Mary:- Ok, let's call for your sister then. ( Mary calls for Ellie and tells her that what is happening ).
Ellie: ( answer the phone ) mom i´m glad to hear you.
Mary:- we needed daughter than Devon and you returns .
Ellie:- why? What happened? Don´t frighten me.
Mary:- Quinn that erased Sarah's memory is live and threatened us, we are at stake ( Mary follows him explaining to what you are passing ).
Ellie:- oh my god! and What can we do?
Devon:- ( he´s feeding Clara ) honey What hapend?
Ellie:- well we will be there as soon as possible. ( cut the telephone ) we must return to Burbank they need us.
Devon:- but What hapens?
Ellie:- I explain it to you on the way over.

Scene 3

Chuck´s house.

Morgan is seating in a chair, seeing towards Chuck to move about trying from getting in touch with Sarah by phone.

Morgan:- hey buddy! Hey does an hour that you are with that telephone.
Chuck:- yes I know it, but i really find Sarah Morgan ( a facial expression makes out Chuck of resignation ). You are right I am losing the time she really forgot me?
Morgan:- take easy Chuck she will return you was very important in Sarah´s life i´m sure that she will remember you.
Chuck:- yeah you are right . But Where she is ? ( Chuck remains thinking just a moment and next sketches a smile and turns toward where Morgan is ). Morgan i think that i know where she is
Morgan:- go for her buddy what i waiting.

Scene 4

Morgan enters the apartment that share with Alex.
Alex:- hi babe how is Chuck? ( Morgan and Alex kiss ).
Morgan:- not great. he´s trying to locate Sarah but he can´t comunicate with her.
Alex:- and that´s worries you, I know it. Oh poor baby, don´t i know that Chuck and Sarah will meet, have a seat I have to tell you something important.
Morgan:- Ok, what's going on?
Alex: Morgan: I am pregnant .
Morgan is surprised non-verbal.
Alex:- Morgan are you ok?
Morgan:- I am going to be father wow!
Alex:- and? What do you say? I hoped that you will happy.
Morgan gets up, embraces and kisses Alex.
Morgan:- oh! Sorry honey I am so happy ( they go back to kiss ). Did you speak with your dad that he is going be grandfather?
Alex:- for the moment just only my mom knows. I wanted say the great news to you and i hope that you help me for talk with my dad
Morgan:- ( Morgan swallows hard ), ok we are going to say it.

Scene 5

Chuck finds himself in the door of the house of his mother-in-law
(he touch the door and wait, the door opens and Molly appears).

Chuck:- hello Molly! Do you remember me?
Molly:- Chuck!, molly (hugs Chuck) Mom is Chuck
Sarah ´s mom:- Chuck what are you doing here?
Chuck:- I ´m looking for Sarah, and I thought that maybe you knew where she is .
Sarah:- Chuck? I am here (she approach toward the door ).
Sarah´s mom:- Molly let´s go to eat cookies? Let to leave that your sister and Chuck talk alone Ok? ( they go away toward the kitchen ).
Molly:- Ok.
Chuck:- thanks. Hello! Sarah, i know that I promised you that will that you call me but something important happened......
Sarah:- that´s ok Chuck i´m happy that you be here ( smile ) forgive me for not call you before but.....
Chuck:- i know it Sarah ( he interrupt her ) but I am here for another thing Quin is live.
Sarah:- what? But we saw dying .
Chuck:- it seems that you only wounded him. My mother searching some possible threats that may appear discovered that Quin's body never got to the morgue. She call Beckman and she reported that she had a dvd were Quin appears Beckman needs us to form again the equipment. We have a mission.
Sarah:- Ok, a mission..... You are just only for a mission or..........
Chuck:- oh no ! Don´t think about something else I promised that you were going to give your time and I am going to do yhat; But I don´t want to miss the opportunity to be told than youbeautiful.
Sarah:- Chuck,....( she blush ) if I go for this mission that will be just only that, work, I´m sorry but I did not have many advances in my memories.
Chuck:- i´m not expecting something else ( he smile at her ).
Sarah:- Ok, wait here I will be going to prepare something and we go .
Chuck:-Ok i will wait for you here.

Sarah heads toward his room, and Chuck continues in the door waiting, Sarah's mom approaches then.

Sarah´ s mom:- Chuck how do you take it?
Chuck:- no very well, it´s hard not to be near by her.
Sarah´ s mom:- know it son. Give his head time perhaps do not remember you but her heart does not lie to her, she still loves you although you not be in very clear her head still.
Chuck:- ( Chuck laughs ) I Do Not Know It, i just only know that I will waiting for her .
Sarah´ s mom :- ( she smile at him ) Patience Chuck, patience.
Sarah's mom and Chuck remain talking ; Awhile later Sarah with a valise appears .
Sarah:- I am ready we can go away.
Sarah´ s mom :- Sarah, take care of yourselves .
Sarah:- yes mom good-bye, ( you give his mamma and Molly a kiss ), good-bye Molly
Molly:- good-bye.

Chuck and Sarah leave and Sarah's mother closes the door after them.

Scene 6

Beckman, Casey, Gertrude, Morgan, Ellie, Devon Chuck and Sarah are at Chuck ´s house. Beckman explains everything to Sarah it happened and it quits that Chuck explain the plan to stop Quin to him.

Chuck:- Ok Sarah this is the plan: We are going to try to create an intersect that contain all of the information about Daniel Shaw a former agent of back-waters to her that you worked like double agent for the Ring and than.........( you pause to think ) well ..... you had a relationship with him, from you decided to be with me.....and........ ( Chuck continues narrating it all about Shaw, Sarah listens to all of the story attentively. Once he finish to count her raisin to explain it to Sarah the plan ).

Chuck:- good this is the situation: If we managed to put all of the files of the Cia in you I believe that you would be able to remember and that try to find Shaw, that we believe that it is the number-one card that Quin has to arrive us specially to you

Beckman:- the question is you agent Walker wants accomplish the mission.
Sarah:- I am here for doing the necessary to stop Quin, count on me general.
Beckman:- i´m not expect another thing of you. We are going to need you Sarah stay here with Chuck here, we can´t take a risk to that they track your position, they will certainly be on the lookout for you and this is the only place where we can be save.
Sarah:- yes I understand it.
Beckman:- Chuck, have you some problem with that?
( Chuck and Sarah look at themselves )
Chuck:- no of course than no, nothing would do me be happy. But i don´t if Sarah will want .
Sarah:- general, I don´t have objections ( keep on looking at Chuck in the meantime she say this ).
Beckman:- Ok, team lets go to work. Ellie, Chuck, inform me when the intersect be ready to be proven.
Chuck:- yes of course general.
Casey:- well I believe that we go away . I m glad you back
Sarah:- Thanks Casey.
Gertrude:- we see ourselves . Good luck guys.
Beckman, Casey and Gertrude out

Chuck Devon and Ellie start work in the computer, Sarah,seat in the armchair to think.
Morgan:- well I will be going to make coffee I think that we will be a long day (he´s going to the kitchen ).
Chuck:- Morgan you should go with Alex we will call you if we needed something buddy.
Morgan:- all right. You are right I have to put the certain amount for her. We see ourselves then. ( Morgan leaves ).
Ellie:- ( talk softly for Sarah not listen ) Chuck, and if in addition to charge the files of Cia to her we charged .... Your you know .....
Sarah:- Sarah turns around and he heads toward Chuck: I agree we can try that.
Ellie:- oh Sarah, I´m sorry I think that you didn´t listen .
Sarah:- I am a spy I have a good ear. Chuck the truth is that perhaps never can´t remember but if a way to accelerate things exists I would like to attempt it. It is not fair for both don´t you think?
Chuck:- Ok, you are right we can try it.

Scene 7

Sarah is seated alone in Chuck´s house, the door opens and Chuck with a pizza appears.

Chuck:- the dinner is here
Sarah:- you brought pizza
Chuck:- that's right ( open the box )
Sarah:- without olives.
Chuck:-i´know that you dislike .
Sarah:- thanks. How do you know that I dislike olives?
Chuck:- it was when we was an undercover couple and playing a game of questions about our couples with Ellie, Devon and Morgan I saw that you took out the olives into the pizza, then that night right after a mission, I was going to look for your hotel and I took a pizza for you and we ate side by side, and when we already were a pair, we ate always a pizza after a mission.
Sarah:- ( do you laugh ) And what else did we do side by side? Tell me.
Chuck follows her telling things in the meantime Sarah listens to it attentively.

Chuck:- how was the dinner?
Sarah:- perfect ( smile ).
Chuck:- the room that was coming from Morgan is ready for you, I prepared it in case you had to remain.
Sarah:- Ok, thanks!...... Chuck do you think that will it work?
Chuck:- I don't know it, but i never surrender for try to make that you remember i promess you.

Scene 8

Quin and Shaw meet talking in a bunker.

Quin:- I gave your Shaw an appointment to you only because you are the principal part to my plan.
Shaw:- and what part of this plan fit me?
Quin:- we are going to take advantage of that Sarah does not remember, and than you two had a past. She is our linkage to return to access the intersect.
Shaw:- but if Sarah shot you it was because she knew that you were a traitor how are you going to make that she trust in you.
Quin:- you are going to do that, you are going to say that you know all about everything that it happened, that you are her boyfriend and that Chuck and his team are double agents and that I really work on internal bussines investigating them and that I had to lie to her to maintain my cover work like an agent.
Shaw:- you seem to be than have it planned whole.
Quin:- these months helped me to think. When this plan work we will have destroyed the Cia and of course don´t think that I forgot that Sarah was your wife´s killer; For it when we obtain the intersect you can eliminate her.
Shaw:- perfect, let's begin .

Scene 9

Many weeks after......

The team finds joined together at the castle Sarah is ready to use the glasses with the intersect that is in front of her.

Chuck, Mary, Ellie having to Clara in arms, Devon, Alex, Casey, Beckman, Morgan and Gertrude observe her.

Chuck:- are you ready Sarah?
Sarah:- ( breathe deep and nod with the head ) Yes I am ready .

Sarah takes glasses and he places them himself and he begins to get discharged the intersect, when the download finish she take off the glasses and her face began so serious sight to all to stop his look in Chuck rises up she put on forward of him and she take out her weapon behind her waist with a fast movement and it goes down behind Chuck reclining the pistol to the neck. Immediately Casey, Mary and Gertrude take out his weapons and they aim at Sarah.

Sarah:- they all fence backwards and keep still or I kill Bartowski.
Beckman:- agent Walker release that weapon.
Sarah:- you do not understand general, Bartowski is not the one that you consider he is a traitor.
Chuck:- Sarah is an error, I believed to be able to recover your memory i´m sorry i´m failed to match . Whatever you think about me you are wrong .
Sarah:- shut up you have something that belongs to me and I want it now.
Chuck:- i don´t know what is these are mistaken, beleave me sarah i´m not a traidor
Sarah:- Bartowski what I want is my ring of married that I do not see it in my finger.
Chuck:- what? what are you talking ?

They all keep still no understanding that he is what is happens for Sarah's reaction.
suddenly, Sarah with a twinkle spins Chuck toward her in such a way that they are face to face

Sarah:- ( Sarah smiles ) I Am Telling You that I want the ring that my husband gave me the day in that Clara was born and you requested that i´m marry with you.
Chuck:- ( smile ) it´s works you remem......( Sarah interrupts him with a kiss )
Sarah:- as you would be able to forget my husband. ( they kiss again ).
Beckman:- ( a little stirred ) Agente Walker was not a good joke, good scare gave us.
Sarah:- i´m sorry general but i wanted to maintain the suspense ( smile ).
Beckman:- good team i´m glad that Sarah recover her memories but now we need you.

( Sarah and Chuck while Beckman talks they continue to be embrace).

Sarah:- general i know that the mission is important but I believe that I need the less to be with my husband one day.
Beckman:- understand it they can take Sarah some days but we must be alert to Quin's movements and his men.
Sarah:-thanks general .
Ellie:- good I believe that Chuck and Sarah need a time alone.... ( they all begin to leave but before Sarah heads toward Gertrude ).
Sarah:- Gertrude did I see than these made pregnant as you take it?
Gertrude:- well only I hope that you not come out so grumpy like his father.
Casey:- mfhhh, let's go away better ( the other ones laugh and they retreat, Chuck and Sarah are left alone ).

Scene 10

It dawns . Chuck and Sarah are in bed they wake up and they look at themselves, they kiss and Chuck embraces Sarah.

Sarah:- good morning.
Chuck:- good morning honey.
Sarah:- Chuck, I am afraid
Chuck:- Of What?
Sarah:- that this mission come off badly and to lose sight of again and not himself if you would bear him.
Chuck:- Sarah the only way to have the life that we dreamt is that we hit the nail on the head all in all once and for all. ( he look at Sarah ) Sarah, look at me, this time I promise you that nothing is going to make it impossible to separate from you I am going to be alongside yours all the times. I am not going to permit that they take from away my wife again I swear it to you.
Sarah:- ( kiss Chuck ) I Love You.
Chuck:- i love you.

Scene 11

The assembled Beckman, Casey, Chuck, Morgan and Sarah meet at the castle.

Beckman:- we are going to leave equipment that Chuck explain the plan
Chuck:- good, here´s the thing: They will certainly be investigating us for knowledge where we are and that is something that we must take the opportunity.
The first thing the fact that we go doing is that they find Sarah. Quin believes that so that we considered Sarah keeps on without remembering, as soon as that is something that we must explode, as soon as they will certainly focus on Sarah to find us taking advantage of what I seat for Sarah, that way treat to use her in order that she steal the intersect.
Casey:- and we that we will make .
Chuck:- Morgan and I will follow our lives like until now working at the Nerd herd. ( now they work by themselves along with Lester and Jeffrey ). And you will keep on without appearing Casey, lets they think follow-up with Gertrude out of here . We are going to need to find the place where they hide and to monitor it we will be in need of the services of the industries for it Verbanski and arranging for a counteroffensive once we discover that they glide .
Gertrude:- you count on it.
Chuck:- general we listened to orders now.
Beckman:- well the only team remains to hope that they find Sarah. Pay attention and protect yourselves each other. Be more than enough to everything to his families.
Mary:- therefrom we took charge general ( Mary has just entered ).
Beckman:- good team to work.

Scene 12

Sarah this at the hotel's room

Sarah:- honey, do You Listen To Me? ( she get in touch for the intercom in her ear ).
Chuck:- yes Sarah, be everything in order Casey, do you listen to me? These sure that do you have Quin in view and Shaw entering ?
Casey:-yes, they are entering now.
Chuck:- Ok are you ready babe?
Sarah:- ( sigh ). yes I am ready .
Chuck:-honey, don´t be affraid we are with you.
Sarah:- know it Chuck.
( Sarah remains hoping that Shaw arrive ).

They touch the door. Sarah looks through the door's peephole.

Sarah:- i know who you are i´m looking for the peephole I am armed.
Quin:- I know it and I do not accuse you but I need to explain to you, he is not that you thinking Walker; Besides I am not alone open me.

Sarah opens and Quin and Shaw appear, Sarah takes out the weapon and writes them down.

Quin:- agent Walker ( raise hands ) don´t shoot, i know that you think that I am a traitor but he is not that way. If I told you that I was not of CIA to her it was true and that I used her, also, but I need to explain to you. In reality we are with Daniel Shaw that this one over here with me, agents of NSA are investigating Bartowski and his people because we know that is a group that they have a weapon has a hold over that the national security can threaten and we want her to destroy it.
Sarah:- and do I eat himself that you are telling the truth to me? ( Shaw interrupts her )
Shaw:- Sarah Quin are telling the truth you was cheat they delete your memory because you are investigating them with us. Sadly they catching you and still your memories for make that you be against us.

Sarah:- and who you are in my live?
Shaw:- I am your boyfriend. ( Sarah feigns surprise ).
Sarah:- seriously?, realy?
Shaw:- yes, believe me we are here in the mood for showing you the truth, can we pass?
Sarah:-yes ( Sarah stops writing them down ).
Quin:- Sarah, it may be that you not understand nothing of this but you have to believe us, I apologize for having deceived myself but we needed to show the people of Bartowski that we knew about them, but we could not get informed to knowledge that they with you wanted .
Sarah:- Ok let's say that I beleave you, now that it is what I have to do, I do not remember anything, i don´t know in who trust
Shaw:- I know it, you must be difficult for you but this can clarify the things to you a little ( he deliver a folder to her ) read this is a report that can help you about me and of last mission.
Quin:- well it is hour to go away, a time than read it Walker do you call to us? Good-bye.

( Quin and I they leave ).

Sarah:- Chuck, do You Listen To Me? We needed to meet with Beckman. I believe that they believed me and they gave me some reports to read them and I prefer that we all be in the mood for reading them.
Chuck:- ok i love you Sarah.
Sarah:- me too.
Casey:- we have to miss ( for the intercom ) Ok enough of demonstrations of affection.

Scene 13

Chuck´s house. The assembled Beckman, Casey, Chuck and Sarah that delivers the report that hit Quin with the false information on Sarah to him meet .
Beckman:- good agent Walker great work. Now the step following is to win his confidence. We needed Sarah that you get involved, that you make to them believe that really you are with them, that you create them.
Sarah:- yes general.
Beckman:- Chuck you are going to have to monitor from the sidelines, you must fail to see the agent Walker in no moment you will stick at his life like until now for if Quin, and I am sure of that, they try to do something against you.
Chuck:- ok.
Beckman:- well orders are those: Team from now on we must have the minimal contact only to give the reports are we obvious?

Sarah, Casey and Chuck say the same time: - yes general.

Beckman retreats .

Sarah:- Casey before going away want to talk with Gertrude.
Casey:- be more than enough what?
Sarah:- there´s women´s things Casey.
Casey:- Ok I will talk to with her. Good-bye

Casey retreats, Chuck and Sarah are left alone .

Sarah:- are you ready ad hoc? Are you sure that you will can with this?
Chuck:-yes Sarah, only take care of yourself ok? I love you ( they kiss ).
Sarah:- I also let's hope that all possession leave .
Chuck:- will leave all good this time Quin will not win .

1 month after

Scene 14

In the Nerd herd

Chuck:- Jeffrey where´s Lester?
Jeffrey:- he was going to deliver some computers with Morgan.
Chuck:- well when the boys came back close the store and tell Morgan that he call me to my cell phone
Jeffrey:- ok, knowing Chuck.

Scene 15

Chuck´s house

Chuck enters pick up the mail, he lay her on the table, he take off his coat and he´s going to the refrigerator; All of a sudden he listen to a noise and he go toward where he has the pistol with tranquilizing darts, for Sarah of surprise and Chuck appears behind him.

Chuck:- Sarah you scare me.
Sarah:-. Sorry honey.
Chuck and Sarah kiss .
Chuck:- I missed you.
Sarah:- me too, I have information.
Chuck:- good, let's talk with the team.

Scene 16

At the castle

Beckman:- ok agent Walker report.
Sarah:- general I received a call of Quin that they will try to look for to Chuck as soon as they will certainly want to use to me in order to meet in order that we meet, I believe .
Beckman:- if certainly and When will that encounter be?
Sarah:- in 3 hs.
Beckman:- good agent Walker we will be near, but be careful make sure that they not discover that you recovered his memories.
Sarah:- yes general of course.
Beckman:- well, meanwhile we will have to subdue the custody on Chuck. Can Casey Take Charge? ( at that point Chuck makes an interruption ).
Chuck:- sorry general but I believe that we should do quite the contrary, let's leave that they catch me.
Sarah:- Chuck
Chuck:- I have a plan.
Beckman:- and can you explain it?
Chuck:- no, but I am going to need you trust me I am in need of his support and they will know his moment, in a couple of weeks I am going to be ready.
Sarah:- Chuck Not!
Chuck:- Sarah I know what i doing.
Sarah:-general order Chuck that you tell us what is planing.

Beckman:- Agent Walker: Chuck must have his plan and I will back it up.
Sarah:- But...
Beckman:- perhaps is preferable that only he know it, we can not take a risk to that they know it. Perhaps in this same moment be listening to us however much we found the certainty carried to extremesly. Good Chuck, generally his plans work inform me when I list this.

Scene 17

House of Chuck and Sarah

Chuck is working on the computer, Sarah gets close to Chuck

Sarah: - you realy don't be going to tell to yourself that you glide ?
Chuck: - if I told you perhaps you don´t be agree .
Sarah: - Chuck, be it as it may you have to tell it to me I am your wife do you remember?
Chuck: - I fondle his moment you will know all the answers now I need to work.
Sarah: - good, but and if you stop a moment working ( Sarah embraces it by the rear and a kiss hits him on the cheek ) - I have to go back to sneak in in the morning and I would like to let awhile speak with my husband. ( they kiss ).
Chuck: - Ok.

Scene 18

In the Nerd herd. Chuck is alone working, suddenly Sarah enters
Chuck: Sarah ...
Sarah: - hello
Chuck: - what do you do here? You have passed time ( at that point Quin enters ).
Quin: - hello Chuck time without seeing you
Chuck: - Quin ( Sarah puts himself behind Chuck and writes it down with his weapon ). Sarah wht are you doing?
Sarah: - remain quiet Bartowski don't move.
Quin: - I would keep still .... Surprise! Better that you accompany us.
Chuck: - no himself you want that and as it is that you continue to be alive but be it as it may leave me alone, you already removed all that you were wanting you stole from my wife and I tried to stop you but I see that I did not can that way than leave me alone ( his head turns to Sarah ) ... Sarah please stops to enroll me.
Quin: - I am going to leave alone when what I came to look for obtain .
Chuck: - please you know Sarah that Quin lied to you why you keep on with him.
Sarah: - shut up you are a damned liar and a traitor (she hit it with the pistol in the head, Chuck falls faint.
Quin: - good agent now let's find out if the intersect has still.

Scene 19

Chuck finds himself tied in a chair Sarah and Shaw are writing it down while Quin wakes him up

Quin: - Hey! Chuck wake up!
Chuck wakes up and he gives himself account than this once a chair was handcuffed.
Quin: - hello Chuck! Welcome
Chuck: - what do you want ?
Quin: - the intersect what else.
Chuck: - I am retired I told you

i haven´t it in my head.
Quin: - however I believe than if, listen don´t make most dificult things or i´ll erase all your memories to come over him, you will be better than you do it willingly, but you will not remember neither as it was your name I swear it to you; But the other option that you have is that they put you a bullet in the head
Shaw: - and that is something that I long for .
Chuck: - they are damned ones....Please Sarah you have to believe me all that I told you it is truth.
Sarah: - shut up ( you hit it with the hand ). Give us the intersect or I will put you a bullet in the head.
Chuck: - Ok, I will give you what you want ; There´s another intersect's copy. But will we do make a deal Ok?
If I give it to you you will leave us alone.
Quin: - if you give it to me I will leave you to live. What I can not promise you to is that they leave you to live. But ok we have a deal.
Chuck: - I need to talk with Morgan.
Quin: - good call it but without tricks hey? But they will not hesitate to put you a bullet in the forehead.
Shaw: - and you don´t know as much as I long for that.
Sarah Chuck let go and she gives him a telephone.
Sarah: - call it Bartowski but without tricks honey.
Chuck: - Ok. ( Chuck calls for Morgan ). - friendly Hey! You listen I want you to come to an address that I am going to open into to you and bring the intersect with you ( pause ), don´t tell nothing to nobody
Sarah removes his telephone and goes back to handcuff it.
Quin: - we will wait until you do your job but right now you know ....A moment after Morgan with the hands arrives up high and the glasses in the right hand, Sarah and Shaw write it down.
Morgan: - Hey! Take easy I don´t want problems.
Sarah: - approach slowly and give me those glasses ( Morgan approaches you give her he glasses and Sarah is hit by pass out down ).
Chuck: - Morgan!
Quin: - next we will see somebody making lays next to Bartowski with him.
Sarah lays Morgan on a chair back to back with Chuck and with disguise in Quin's oversight and Shaw releases Chuck Sarah untie Chucks´s hands.
Sarah: - it´s done .
Quin: - at last! This at last finishes . Good, let's see that such works the glasses are placed and the intersect begins to get discharged. When Quin finishes the unloading a moment keeps still, it takes off his glasses and look about yourself confused.
Shaw: - Quin are you all right?
Quin: - what happened? Who are you? Shaw looks at it missed next you look at Sarah and Casey at that point enters who along with Sarah and Chuck than this standing, they write it down.
Sarah: - surprise Shaw you are under arrest .
Chuck: - did you believe that you were going to allow to catch? Did you like my plan?
Sarah: I believe that my husband one more time defeated you. ( at that point the agents enter of back-waters to her to stop them ) .Drop the weapon now. ( Shaw takes the weapon down and he leaves himself to stop ) take them.
Quin: - what be happening here? I understand nothing at all .
Chuck: - you right now will find out ...he say smiling, ( while Casey releases Morgan and he wakes him up ).
Morgan: - what happened?
Chuck: - everything is ok buddy.
Sarah embraces Chuck.
Sarah: - Morgan i´m sorry for hit you.
Morgan: - it´s ok you did not hurt so much.
Sarah: ( looking at Chuck ) - And forgive me also to hit you ( she kiss him ). - poor baby.
Chuck: - I love you do You Know It?
Sarah: - yes I know it also with all my soul. ( they go back to kiss ).
Casey: - good, let's go away I have to be early home.

Chuck: - if right now let's go to us ( they retreat ).

Scene 20

It dawns . Chuck opens his eyes, he meets only upon his bed, looks to one side and he gets up . Next, you see it coming out of the restroom still in pajama and the breakfast is going to the kitchen to get ready, it pauses for a moment and you observe baby's chair than Levi sees the name himself in his back; Then he remember the night in that they arrived home right after catching Quin and to Shaw.

Scene 21

Chuck heads toward the refrigerator

Sarah:- Chuck, I have to say something to you.
( Chuck turns around ).
Chuck:- What is ?
Sarah:- come let's take a seat .
Chuck:- hone are you worrying me What's Going On?
Sarah:- do you remember I told you that you waited for that you look for me when you found me at my mother's house?
Chuck:-yes And what with that?
Sarah:- good at that point if not you had looked for before was because i was trying to understand what was happening to me already than..... Good eeemm ( you dwell on the story ).
Chuck:- What Sarah? Say it.
Sarah:- Chuck: I´m pregnant .
Chuck:- Wh.....What???? H..How?
Sarah:- Honey I am pregnant, you went that's why that I decided to go to my mother's house. When I began to feel sick and I was dizzinesses to see a doctor and he told me that i was pregnant . I did not know how to do, knew than your you would be able to be the father but then I did not have the courage to search to you, as soon as I preferred to go with my mother and to say it. In order to feel protected, and she insisted to me that you look for you to say to oneself but you did not encourage me.
Chuck:- Sarah did you confront all this mission being pregnant?
Sarah:- after recovering my memory, if you told it to you you would have tried to stop me and you wanted to defeat Quin once and for all, i had to accomplish that mission.....
Chuck:- that's why you told me that you did not want to do this mission when you recovered the memory, because you were afraid .
Sarah:- yeah I know it and i´m sorry for not to tell you.
Chuck:- Sarah is all right ( smile ) - Oh! You are makes me so happy! I love you!
( they kiss ).
End of the memory. Chuck smiles .

Scene 22

Chuck prepares the breakfast at that point you open his door and Sarah with Levi appears in her arms.

Sarah:- oh you have gotten up .
Chuck approaches and kisses Sarah
Chuck:- good day to my beautiful queen Oh! And to my prince ( kiss Levi ). I have almost clever the breakfast.
Sarah:- thanks affection is time to feed him to the baby more nice of the world.
Chuck serves the breakfast and, Sarah puts Levi in the chair and gives him a nursing bottle. While they are having breakfast the Chuck's telephone sounds:
Sarah:- oh no.
Chuck:- oh yes. General in some minutes we will be there .
touch the door. Chuck is going to open and enter Ellie with Clara than this taken by the hand of Ellie and enters walking .
Ellie:- sorry for be late; hi bro ( Chuck and Ellie greet ).
Chuck:- hi Clara.
Ellie:- hello uncle Chuck, say it.
Chuck:How this my preferred niece - does Chuck raise to white of egg in arms -?
Ellie:- hello Levi.
Sarah:- hello aunt Ellie do you came to take care of me?
Chuck:- honey (he shows Sarah that his telephone is breaking down completely again )
Sarah: Oh! Well we will return as soon as possible. ( kiss Levi ) I am going to miss your dad and mom they will return soon.
Chuck and Sarah go away toward the door they charge his pistols and they open the door.
Ellie:- Hey small return healthy and safe Ok? Take care of yourselves we will wait for you
Sarah:- nothing is going to impede that we not return ( they leave ). Next you see them to them coming out of the front of the house of his dreams worn of black suit taken by the hand and carrying a pistol in the other one and they kiss .
Sarah:- I love you Chuck.
Chuck:- I love you Sarah.
The End.

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