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Just a Texas Girl with some Florida Roots. I absolutely love romance and binge read like crazy! That's what sprung my love for writing, even as a kid. Thanks for checking me out!

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This author has a very creative imagination and a great style of storytelling. The elements of history she wrote about were interesting and different from what we usually see. I was interested to see where it would go and was surprised by the very last scene.

Now, I will say that this novel felt more like a first draft than anything else. Katie Reynolds is very talented in storytelling, but this entire work needed to be looked over a few more times. Most of the paragraphs were incredibly long when there would have been logical breaks at different parts. There were phrases or sentences that I know Reynolds could have phrased better based on her other writing throughout. There were no commas for most of the complex sentences. Things like that.

I think it's an amazing start and I'd love to see more work in the future. Just please tighten the work and review, review, review. Even after looking at a draft ten times, there will still be mistakes. Most of these could have been avoided by a close proofread and edit.

Good luck :)

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