I'm 33, a full-time student, and passionate about writing. I love writing long stories as well as short stories. Never apologize for being you, because if you're not you, then who are you?

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Great with minor errors

First, the obvious bad. There were many errors as far as spelling, punctuation, and grammar but you stated in your opening note that you already know about those. Believe me - I know the struggle of writing on a phone (it was all I had access to for about 2 years until I got WiFi).

Now the good. I WANT MORE. LOL. Quite often, I end up getting bored with romance stories since they all generally go the same way - like a Disney fairy tale. Real love is not always like that and it drives me insane when people write stories in one format. Truth be told, this is the first story that I've read in the last year that is NOT my own creation. Great job! I love the way that the characters really come to life when he gets home. No couple is always lovey-dovey to each other. There's rocky places that almost always occur, and you picked a great starting place for the story. It really pulls your reader in. My only complaint (outside the obvious listed above) is that we have no idea until the second time he says it that he has asked for a divorce. I do suggest having him mention it at some point in their argument so that your reader is a little more stunned when he says it.

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