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This is a truly fascinating page-turner that fits into several genres, to my thinking, but all of the rapid-heartbeat variety. It starts out with the feel of a Thriller and then, elements of the supernatural grow until Horror creeps in. It kind of makes me think a bit of Dean Koontz, but, honestly, I feel the novel is much richer and more robust than Koontz's work, and also has strong elements of satire. The character's are vivid, with quirks and contradictions and loves and losses that make them very Human, and really, in the end, after a rather harrowing climax, it is the clear-eyed humanity of the writer that mops the reader's brow and raises this out of Genre and into literature.. I'd imagine that there is something for most readers in this novel--although maybe the squeamish might wish to skip over a few chapters....

I have given it full marks in punctuation/grammar, although there are a couple of sentences in which I felt a fine-tooth comb might be needed, and noticed a typo or two. (I figure they are typos, as the author 's word-skills are considerable.)
The last thing I'd like to mention is that, man oh man, this would make a blockbuster of a movie....

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