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Erase Me.

This is a interesting and fun story. Jaz is a great character, very original but still has qualities and faults we can all identify with. The characters about her all ring true and Sam especially is very entertaining. The story develops slowly but completely so that the reader is fully immersed in Jas's world.. The setting is very complete and we get a full tour of 21st century life in High School. As a window upon the period I was reminded of a 1970s classic "Lisa -Bright and Dark". and the 60s American Graffiti, .with all the trivia and slang of the time that makes the story real. The dialogue was very well done and made me reflect upon the meaning a time or two. I believe in time "Erase Me" will be recognized as a time-machine back to the "teens".of the 21st Century. I recommend it

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