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Author of Who Will Love the Crow; creator of the #unhaiku ;maker of things; arms open wide.

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can confidently recommend “Broken Arrow” by Azaria Durant based on the both the quality of writing and the story. Like a seasoned-pro, Azaria adeptly handles the elements of style in her writing, bringing her words to life with precision and intent. And yet, she maintains an approachable, narrative tone throughout.
Each chapter begins with strength, inviting you back into the story from a fresh vantage point. She follows the most important rule of good writing which is to show, not tell. Through the dialogue and setting she quickly establishes the characters and their positions relative to one another and balances well between dialogue, action and narrative. She raises the reader’s curiosity as she unfolds an intriguing fantasy tale that any fantasy reader will enjoy. ~ Miriam Dunn, author of Who Will Love the Crow
Sep 07.2016

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