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My review of The Kingdom Of The Three Suns

The Kingdom Of The Three Suns is a story that leaves the reader wanting for more of the parallel universe the author has created.

The story kicks off with an old sage caught between adapting to evolutionary progressivism and sticking determinedly to conservative foundations. The opening prologue refers to a Blue Dot (meant as a metaphor for Planet Earth?) and notes that Pluto shares its same ancestors, which brings the reader to think of when this time and place actually is.

The story then delves into its colorful characters, with advisers to Harawn the Harsh seeming to serpent-like in advancing their self-interests, and the character Hayoob not being part of the establishment order.

Towards the exodus, the main themes we see here are actions and decisions, a quintessential fight-or-flight moment.

The journey to Sol is one of excitement and anticipation, and the epilogue presents the dawn of civilization, and explains how we got here. The 'we', however, is open to the reader's imagination; and herein lies the beauty of the author's writing. So much of it is communicated through the writer's voice, but it is also simultaneously open to the reader's imagination, rather than mere interpretation.

Those are some of my thoughts on The Kingdom Of The Three Suns. I strongly encourage you to take the time in reading it and providing your own reviews.

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