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Christmas turned upside-down

What a beautiful story!

I loved every carefully crafted chapter. The promise of the opening poem - by the definitely unconventional e e cummings - filled after a series of ups and downs.

The flawed messages of narrow-eyed Christianity contrasted to the teaching of love and joy that Jesus gave us.

The story is set in Australia: Sydney, kangaroos, chips, the cater-corner seasons. The themes are universal. Children not quite at home with gender assignments, seeking happiness in little revolts against parental urging until the inevitable rift develops. How sad; to love your opinions more than your own children.

A gem of a story, well worth re-reading to catch facets unseen at first glance. My only real criticism: a few trivial errors in punctuation, a few lines of dialog that read awkward.

Forgiven for the grace and beauty and purity of the story. I loved it.

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