HAPPINESS is a cup of COFFEE and a really good BOOK

I dwell in the pages of your story

Give me a cup of coffee and a book i love and i'll be happy. P.S. I have a not so secret love for harry potter fandoms.

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exciting, entoxicating, wonderful, WOW!!!

I found this story absolutely incredible. I have made it my mission to read every Harry Potter fandom on Inkitt and I have to say this is one of my absolute favorites. The plot kept me captivated the whole read. I could not get enough of the characters and read for hours on end. I have read this story three times over and it blows my mind away all the while. I love how it perfectly ties in to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potters while using much of the information given obtaining to the marauders while also creating an entirely new story. This story successfully kept me on my toes and quite honestly had me in tears. Both because of the events that take place and the fact that is was over. It's just to bad seven novels did not come from this story as well.

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