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(TLDR: I really enjoy this story. It flows so we'll, everything seems to fit into place. Even the mysterious glimpses of Lystelle's forgotten past flows. I highly recommend you read!)
While the story may jump around a bit and it can be a little confusing to pick up, I really enjoy the mystery behind Lystelle's past and the subtle hints about what might have happened. Author doesn't force "big words" just to sound educated, she actually uses them well and it flows. I don't find myself stumbling over the inner monologue. Flashbacks or memories are well placed and flow well with the story. I don't usually read fantasy because they just seem too far fetched for me to get into but I thoroughly enjoy this novels subtleness and easing into the mysterious fantasy world Lystelle has yet to discover. Also I absolutely despise most of the side characters, but they're well written to have *some* redeeming qualities to make their presence manageable. You can see why they're kept around and their purpose in furthering the plot. Great job Author!

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