D.D. Delaney

Norfolk, VA

D.D. Delaney, of Norfolk, VA, is a writer, actor, and Artist-in-Residence at Norfolk’s Venue on 35th, a 40-seat performance facility, where he teaches acting and performs regularly

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Review by Rascal

Novels that explore childhood and hometown roots abound, but this one is really different! I never knew
what was coming next, and it was usually not what I expected. The narrator's tale winds its way through a
world that is part surreal, part real, part dream,. I couldn't put it down, It touched my heart, and I didn't want
the story to end. Life in 2018 has become so busy and so hyper that it's really refreshing to give the mind
a break by taking a journey through a world that is young and fresh and funny. And romantic!

Yet this novel is no Pollyanna piece.. There is a poignancy that all who have loved know only too well, and
that makes the story, though intriguingly imaginative, true as well.

A good read, not too long, not too short, perfect to sit down to in your favorite chair with a cup of afternoon tea.

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