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”Rosemary's Baby” at the age of 8

If you’ve ever wondered how a toddler deals out death to a kitten by squeezing it more and more, don’t look any further. And yet, what would look sad but “normal” for a toddler unaware of its strength, is performed by an 8-year old girl, deliberately. A sheer will to kill - no other emotion attached. We know the main protagonist is dysfunctional to say the least. Her mother likewise, kills her own, yet another new born child without any remorse whatsoever.
We see a scary vision of depravity and pathology. Pure fear.
What I think lacks here so far is the plot. It’s hard to say after only three chapters why we read all this. I would like to see the reason behind the cruel acts against kittens and newborns. And why the main character’s mother spared her and not her siblings. Without such reasons or a slightest justification the book will be very hard to read. Having in mind movies like “Dexter” or very good book by Pavel Kohout “The Hangwoman” about the school for executioners, I would expect a good explanation for the atrocities made by Anastasia and her mother. Otherwise the writing style and skills of the author will go to waste.

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