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💖Howdy fellow readers and writers💖 Thanks for visiting my profile!!!! I’m just a girl with big dreams and nerdy habits!!! Plus I write a little ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Find me on Wattpad: AwkwardlyPerfect_18!!

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Not One. But Two Times. And I plan to read this story a Third time it's that goooooooodddddd!!!

I'm literally obsessed with this story!!! I first read it on Wattpad, and usually, I didn't read boyxboy stories not because I didn't like them but because I had never read the genre before. So, I decided to expand my reading selection just a little, and I fell in love!!

Carter is a sweet lil bean who I've adopted as my child!!! Protect him at all costs!!!!🥺💖

And Killian is just...amazing!! There are not other words to describe him!!! I love his personality so much!!!! He's literally bae~😂💓💓

Now, I'm planning on writing a boyxboy story myself!! I felt inspired to try writing a new genre!!! That's until I finish writing my other stories😅

Thank you Hidee for helping expanding my reading selection, and making such a good story!!!! No, let me change that, GREAT!!! FANTASTIC!!!! SPECTATCULAR!!! Story!!!

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