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Super intriguing and gripping narrative!

Moi-Moi's 91 Days is such an intriguing piece of fiction. While it puts the narrator in a dystopian-like scenario of only having 91 days left to live, it also begins in the most jaw-dropping way possible: the curt cliffhanger of "My name is Alastor Huxley, and I have 91 days left to live." hooks the reader immediately and invites us to delve further into this tale.

After reading the prologue and first chapter 1, it's evident that this story has a lot of care being put into it to properly tell Alastor's tale. The way the writer embodies Alastor's voice makes Alastor feel as though he is real, as though the reader can really be inside his head. The more serious moments of doom ("I have 91 days left to live") are paralleled in chapter 1 by a wonderful father-son dynamic, with Alastor's thoughts about his father's life and potential love interest. For someone who only has 91 days left, he feels so alive and painfully aware of it.

I am looking forward to reading more chapters of this! Thank you Moi-Moi for sharing such a lovely story with the Inkitt community.

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