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Elegant fantasy at its best

Unfortunately, having read a lot more than this excerpt of the book I had to force myself to review it in the context of the excerpt alone. Because of this the plot suffers a bit though you can tell that beyond the edges it is a grand and involved thing indeed. I've seen some complaints about the writing style and honestly it takes a bit of effort to get oneself into the rhythm of it. But when you do, believe me its like a melody, flowing and ebbing like lyrical verse. The language asks a lot of you as a reader but if you're willing to give it then you are greatly rewarded with deep, passionate and beautiful characters, emotionally intense conflicts, situations and tearful climaxes galore. The author isn't afraid of flowery language and the elegance that that entails even if it might be alienating to some who are accustomed to more accessible fare. For that she should be commended.

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