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As Good as all that.

Disclaimer: I met the author in college, where we became fast friends, but we live in different countries now.

That said, this reminds me of what we were reading at the time, whether it was Steven Brust, Chelsa Quinn Yarbro, Ellen Kushner, Fritz Lieber, Guy Gavriel Kay, Roger Zelazny, Kathleen Kurtz, Glen Cook, Tim Powers or Dumas. Yeah. It all starts with Dumas. And George Gush. (and if you know who he is without googling the name, you have my salute).

And its good as all that. An interesting, likable hero--a world that feels "there", politics and even theology--And swords! Damsels in distress! I suppose it has all been done before in some fashion, but what keeps me coming back and I'm sure everyone else, is how will we get there this time?

I want to see where this goes. Take a look, you will not be disappointed.

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