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I am a freelance proofreader and a volunteer for Citizens Advice. I play guitar, don't have a cat and prefer beanbags to sofas. I might grow a real moustache.

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I marked you down on story and plot only because I guessed the ending. Otherwise it's a lovely piece of work. Very clear writing, very clear action. I did get a little muddled in the middle wondering what was going on, and although I guessed how it would end I am still a little unclear about all the mechanics and details of getting there. This is standard scifi, but that is no bad thing at all because standard scifi, at its best, is a great genre. The central character is empathetic and doesn't have to be fleshed out to be interesting. There are some wonderful moments, especially afternoon tea with the little old 'ladies' and the descriptions are crisp. Keep going, it'll be worth it..

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