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I thought this story was great. Explosive diarrhea took the aliens down... yeah... that was hilarious. And Doctor Death singing was great, and it was even better because I actually knew all the songs. I liked how you did the plot line of the story through an interview. It was different from what I normally read, so I found that that made it even more interesting.

The way Doctor Death and Leeza interacted with each other was great. Just the way that they were almost opposites, and that no matter what Leeza would say Doctor Death would go completely off topic. Just a quick tip: make they're interactions a bit more harsh. Almost like they're fighting. What you did was great, but if you make there words - especially Leeza's - a little more harsh, I think it might enhance the story more.

Your story was really great. I loved how all your characters had weird names, and that you had to get into the pronunciation in the story. I thought that was a great part. Overall this story was really enjoyable. My only suggestion would be to go through and reread it, just to make sure you didn't miss any little grammatical mistakes.

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