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There's a terror involved in writing -- in fact, in any creative process. There's the fear that what you write isn't good, that you'll always be an unknown, starving-artist-in-the-garret -- and the flip side, the fear that, when it is good, that you'll trade your muse, your voice, your unique narrative for the crassness of marketing, the evisceration of editors and the clamor of critiquers on Amazon and Goodreads. In HAPPILY EVER AFTER, author Ruth Carter takes this fear and kicks it up several notches by trapping her protagonist in a tiny room, forced to write, to create, for someone else's profit. With haunting repetition, clever use of alliteration and tight pacing, Carter lets us peek into a world where creativity and insanity are knife-edges apart -- and dares us to see ourselves as the nameless writer whose own personal narrative never really ends.

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