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I am currently at Chapter II: The Sutek Desert (cont) and all I can say is wow, loving it so far, this is exactly the kind of fantasy book I hoped to find on Inkitt. I love how you have utilised fantasy tropes and put your own identity on them. I am very excited to find out more about your description of Elves, Pegasus, Readers and also how Dragons are seen in this world. It can seem so daunting because many fantasy elements have been done so many times but already I can feel the uniqueness within the world you've created.
One thing I did notice so far is that in Chapter 1 The Collek Mountains (cont2) the transition from Larin to Jorn is a bit sudden. It reminds me of reading the Witcher where if your not paying attention you might take a minute to realise your now in another POV. It's not a big deal or anything just something I noticed.
Your use of language is something I aspire to achieve, it's definitely sophisticated and you do need to be tuned in but I really enjoy that personally so it isn't a big deal.
I am excited to read on and find out more about the characters and their stories, hopefully I can get some feedback from you also as your style is something which I would love to emulate in some way in my future stories.

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