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Sci-Fi writer. English Teacher. Instagram: @s.i.foote "Elementalists" will also be found at: through the Royal Road Publication Website.

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I love the plot of your story, it really has a lot of potential to become more. Definitely cannot wait for another update. I think your story would, however, benefit from a read through. There are many spelling/grammar mistakes and if you just read over it once or twice before posting you'd catch a good majority of them. Also, since you're writing a fic which is based in the UK, then you need to know the slang and language. It's different than it is in America, such as "mum" instead of "mom". If you don't know any British slang, Google is always there to help you out. Some people may turn away from the story because it is "Americanized". Just keep working and I'm sure this story will turn out fantabulous!

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