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Superb, will transform you (pun only slightly intended)

Wow, this story was a well-crafted, tight, emotionally powerful tour-de-force.

It is not set in your typical "fantasy-epic world." Rather, the grandeur of nature unadulterated by humans and a man's love for it is what is epic, with a dose of science (fiction? fantasy? you decide) thrown in to enable it all. You viscerally share the experiences and feelings (joy, sorrow, and simply "aliveness") of a man who has pushed himself beyond where humans have ever before been able to go. He found a place in a new wondrous world, but now faces an imminent end to his happiness. The plot is good and sensible, but the experiential factor is why you should read the story. You will feel as though you yourself ARE Adam Fox. Emotionally moving but I do not want to give away spoilers... read it for yourself, it is not long -- just long enough.

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