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Indie Authors Are Discovering A New Way To Get Their Work Published

Inkitt only started publishing last year and has already launched the careers of over 30 bestselling authors.

Did you know that JK Rowling was rejected 12 times before a publisher finally picked up Harry Potter? Here was the greatest money making book of our time being passed over and over again. In fact, Harry Potter was only accepted after an editor handed it to his eight-year old daughter. The girl was hooked after the first chapter and came back begging for more - and so, a billion dollar industry was created.

Indie authors know the odds of getting their works published through traditional means are slim. Highly subjective and inefficient book sourcing processes have been characteristic for the publishing industry since its very beginning. If it had been left up to the pros the Wizarding World of Harry Potter would have never existed. An editor, or even 1000 editors, are not able to predict how readers will react to a story.

Then came self-publishing. Self-publishing evolved in opposition to traditional publishing and enabled authors to have access to a wide pool of readers themselves. At first glance, the process seems straightforward, but here is the brutal truth: Self-publishing a book is easy, successfully marketing it and generating sales is not. Without successful marketing even the best story will drown in the ocean of millions of titles out there. The key to every book’s success is to know who its readership is and how to effectively reach it.

This is exactly the gap that Inkitt is bridging. At Inkitt, every book goes through an initial readership analysis in order to collect reading data to find out how hooked people were while reading, and uncover who the book's ideal audience is. This way, Inkitt is able to identify novels that do have best seller potential, and gain crucial information about its readership, even before publication, allowing the publishing team to elaborate a very targeted marketing strategy. Since mid-2016, when Inkitt published its first novel, the publishing team has already produced over 30 bestselling novels and continues to publish at a pace which has never been seen in the industry. In the months to come, Inkitt will publish at a rate of one book per week.

Most Recent Inkitt Best Sellers




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Instead of leaving the decision about what books get published up to the instinct of an editor or agent, the power is in the readers’ hands. Without human subjectivity slowing the process down, Inkitt is able to identify and publish best selling works faster than any other publisher, with it taking an average of only eight weeks from signing to launch.

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Once a novel is identified as a best seller, the author is presented with a contract that includes: a professional editing and cover design, a dedicated marketing team, and 25% royalties from ebook sales and 51% royalties from print sales.

With traditional publishing, it is common for a book to simply be released on to the market and left to find its own success. With self-publishing, it can be difficult to find the tools and funds necessary to successfully market a book. Inkitt’s model promises to get novels into the much deserved spotlight.

Charlotte Reagan’s debut novel ‘Just Juliet’ was published by Inkitt early last fall. The novel shot to #51 out of 4 million titles on Amazon within a few hours of launch and received over 100 5 star reviews on Amazon in the first 9 days. And she’s not the only author to achieve these results. Over 90% of Inkitt’s published titles hit the Amazon top 100 on launch day, kickstarting indie authors’ careers as published authors, and making dreams come true.

Publishing is an old industry, and there are big changes coming. More and more authors are turning to alternate routes to publication, and are getting their starts online. E.L. James’ ‘50 Shades’ was originally fanfiction. ‘The Martian’ started as an online serial on Andy Weir’s website. The world of online writing is making all this possible. Inkitt’s model is leading the way in helping authors to get their work out there and allowing for more best sellers to be identified and enjoyed by readers at a faster rate than ever before.

About Us:

Inkitt is the world’s first reader-powered book publisher, offering an online community for talented authors and book lovers. Write captivating stories, read enchanting novels, and we’ll publish the books you love the most based on crowd wisdom.