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A Comedic Wake-up Call

I will fully admit that I despise romance books that holds heaping amounts of sexism, threats of sexual assault/actual assault, abusive jerks who get away with the abuse just because they're hot (if he was normal and not a billionaire, people would see it for what it was) the female lead can "fix him" thing and heavy amounts of ego shoved up its own butt.

So, when I first came across this, I was super skeptical but went and read chapter one. Then just binged the rest. I normally don't do that, but with how short this was it was quick to get through.

The jokes, though really funny to me, felt off in places like more needed to be added to them. Rather then some quick jabs at the horrible cliches that it's mentioning, bring it up and have it as a serious, honest to God issue that's been plaguing the romance genre as a whole. And since it's a "werewolf romance" why not bring up the stupidity of how these people keep going on the whole "mate" and "alpha" thing and never ever explain it while saying it on repeat with no mind or reason.

I won't mention the grammar because I know what it's like to find mistakes in my own work and how awful it can be. The only thing I can suggest is to go over the chapter the next day after you write it and see if you can catch some mistakes before posting.

And the last thing I want to mention is the ending.


While it was good in its anticlimactic way (which works for this story) I feel like it really would have kicked it home if perhaps the female dragon woke up and talked to them. That maybe she had no intention of eating them. That she and the female lead could have hit it off, become friends even. And that the dragon could have been a shifter and even give those other girls a life lesson and call the police to have all men arrested while getting the proper help for those impressionable girls.


All in all, it was good read and I think more people should read this.

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