I've been writing poetry for a long time, but have discovered a new love for the exploration of the larger precipices of writing

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Hope is a bastion of light cutting through the saddness

Your story is sweet and concise. It is difficult and sad. In a minimalistic way you've captured a rawness that is relevant to everyone with a husband and a father, a wife and a mother and more importantly a child with a big life moment looming large overhead.
Despite some issues with tenses, grammar and punctuation the story hits close to home. As a father who is close to losing a father in-law, I watch my wife's sorrow at losing her father, and we discuss and debate how we will tell our daughter and help her understand while she is far too young to grasp the depth of what the rest of us are going through. You've done a marvellous job of touching each aspect of the reality.
Beyond that you've created an endearing and hopefully enduring mother/daughter relationship full of love and hope in spite of all the sadness and misunderstanding.

A really nice read and change of pace for me. Great work!

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