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I am a sucker for Naruto stories that have plots that unfurl after that "teeny change." I love reading them and I love writing them too. Especially when you choose to empower Hinata with a reasonable nudge forward in the right direction as you have, this is a story many people will enjoy reading. The romance doesn't hurt either. NaruHina isn't just canon, it's some people's crack. And I like what you've done by weaving other characters in and keeping them relevant. Some of the differences in your plot-line vs. the canon story are quite subtle but still appreciated. I would suggest going back and doing a grammar/technical writing sweep of your work when you can. It will help weed out the minor errors that pop up here and there.

As I write this review I realize it isn't for any particular chapter! That stinks. I am several chapters in but you wouldn't know that unless I told you. I hope Inkitt works on the review functionality to give authors better feedback. I think I have one or two chapters to go before I'm caught up. Once again, great work!

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