Nichole P. Conard

Wichita, Kansas

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In love and war

The characters are well created and pull you along through the story. The plot is well thought out, with some interesting turns. I was unsure what was going to happen, several times in the story, which is a grand point, as who wants to know they have figured out the story correctly...once they get to that part of it. That is why I say it has some interesting turns. I particularly liked the way Joseph was introduced into the story and the way the background characters slowly developed taking on strong personalities. I would happily suggest the story to others. It was not too deep in the war not too deep in love but gave you a Nice balance between. The author has done a wonderful job of building the set, surroundings, characters, and dialogue although they do repeat some of their thoughts, actions, and what they say. A touch of tightening up in this are would be improvement. Yet, as it stands it still a fun and engrossing read that I would suggest anyone

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