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Xinshen chapter 43 . Jul 17, 2013 fic just...COMPLETELY blew my mind. I remember I was just surfing the Soul Eater Archive, looking for a story with Kid, Crona, a great plot, and one that actually followed the manga caps instead of the anime. Good Lord I got more than I asked for. I am absolutely shocked. Kid and Crona were written so in character, and the storyline was intriguing, and though complex at times, very interesting to follow. I also like how you interwove different characters into the plot. Normally, I didn't give much thought to Gopher and Noah, but after this, I feel I need to find every chapter they appeared in and find more about them. I also enjoyed your interpretation of what Crona and Kid's family trees would be like, and what secrets were hidden in the history. But overall, I just love this fic because it was just SO WELL WRITTEN, seeing as it kept me up at 4am trying to read any updated chapters, an if there weren't any, I'd just reread some of my favorite moments (mostly the interactions of Kid and Crona) . I'm just sitting here typing (babbling) and in a sort of shock that this story is over. Although I wish for a sequel as well as other fans do, I respect an author's choice to leave a story as it is. (Hard Work!) So, after all of this rambling, what I'm really just trying to say is : You are one of the best writers I have ever come across. You are a rather big source of inspiration for me, and I hope you stick to your style of writing!

PS: Sorry if this review is annoying, bland, or something along those lines, but to be honest, this is my second time reviewing a story. I'm usually shy about writing responses because I feel they just don't do justice.

(Sorry for writing so much)

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