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Prome example if why research is needed when building characters.

The story was quite...dragging. For a story where in of the main characters is a doctor, some actual medical research could have been done to reduce the numerous inaccuracies. Neurologist is not the same as a neurosurgeon and there is no way that a 26 year old would be a consultant especially in the US, she was more than likely would be an intern. Doctors dont have 'lunch hours' where they can leave at any time for random shopping trips. The lost goes on.... I am in the medical field, so maybe I have a bit more insight to be fair...Then again, for a successful businessman the CEO lost every application for tenders submitted. Lol.
The story was okay, nothing to write home about.
The one thing I liked is that unlike a lot of novels where characters are banging from page one, the author created anticipation leading up to that first intimate contact.

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