Odyssey is a teenage, space-exploring, zombie-fighting, novel-writing wannabee.

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Learning to Breathe Review

Wow. I got sucked straight into the story. I really like that the information of the narrator's relationship is slowly given instead of thrown at the reader all at once. The fact that she's watching this couple from behind her window is incredibly powerful and you do such a great job of capturing her character. In addition, I love that there are some very poetic lines throughout. My personal favorite is at the end when she mentions changing the bed sheets, and making them smell like her. I think there were a couple minor convention issues, but mostly I think you were writing so fast you would skip a word here or there. The story flows very well however. I would also have loved a flashback or two of her own memories toward the end of the story, but that's more of a personal suggestion. The story is really really good though. I can't wait to read more of your work!

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