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In the mist....a dragon

This story is one that might have been told by the voice of an elder story teller. The color of the descriptions and narration would make Savatore envious. And the voice of such writers as Miller and others comes through in the dialog. With work, this epic is publishable. Find a nit-picking editor after a good rewrite. A continuity flaw in the second chapter, a number of typos and a few minor mechanical errors are easily fixable. The abundance of descriptive prose can only be fixed by a wholesale examination of how the story should be told. The old "show me, don't tell me" saying is perhaps truest in this work. Some minor sub plots seemed to take over. The story bogs down with the lengthy philosophy discussions. Action speaks much stronger than the philosophical diatribe of characters. Watch word choices, be careful about common phases. Be ever so cautious introducing new primary characters late in the story. Not everyone needs a name. And, watch for redundant phases or words. An enjoyable read, think about tightening it up.

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