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11:59pm PST on March 19th

Winter's Embrace: From Frost to Fiction

❄️ Embrace the winter magic and ignite your creativity in the "Winter's Embrace: From Frost to Fiction" contest.

☃️ This contest invites writers of all types to craft fictional wonders set against the backdrop of winter's beauty. From frosty fantasies to heartwarming holiday tales, let your creativity sparkle like snowflakes in the moonlight.

📚 Embrace the chill with your unique storytelling flair — there are no limits to the genres you can explore. Mystery, adventure, romance, or science fiction, let your words create a snowstorm of emotions that captivates our readers.

✨ Picture your characters traversing snowy landscapes, finding love in a winter wonderland, or embarking on a thrilling quest through icy realms. The canvas is yours—paint it with the hues of Winter's Embrace.

💰 Submit your novel by March 19, 2024 for a chance to win up to $300, a free year of Galatea Unlimited, an Inkitt VIP Badge, and to be tagged on our social media! Let your words sparkle like snowflakes, creating a blizzard of emotions that will enchant readers. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of a community that celebrates the magic of winter, passion, and the art of storytelling. The winter months await your creative touch! ❄️📖

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