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Love x Magic

I finally got around to reading this!
I only read Mayu’s story out of the book. The characters and storyline were well developed. I liked the quotes at the beginning of every chapter. They foreshadowed the chapters well. I also appreciated how the readers were able to tell that Mayu was Ricardo’s interest but Mayu couldn’t see it herself.

There were things throughout the writing that had me losing attention. There were grammar twists that I didn’t like. Run-on sentences that lead to long, run-on paragraphs. Also sometimes I was trying to figure out if there was a language barrier? If English wasn’t the first and more profound language? But those were just my personal peeves.
Everyone has different writing styles!

All in all I liked how the story was woven and left you going to the next chapter wondering if Mayu would finally see that Ricardo was talking about her. 😉 good job!

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